Privacy Policy

Privacy issues and policies are one of the most important issues at and handled with extra care and responsibility. Data given or submitted to by you is kept completely confidential and is not disclosed to anyone either without any voluntary action or intimation from your side or without proper prior agreement. We collect, use and share personal information to help run safely and successfully. We may change, modify or update this privacy policy at any point of time without any prior notice or intimation to anyone accept people who all are involved in the process. Time frame from which the changes will be in effect will also be published at the same time.

Our aim of collecting personal data:

Most important air or purpose of of collecting personal information is just to provide you the services offered by our marketing or any other department. And even to avoid any confusion or doubt regarding we both the parties doing business together it is necessary to collect the required documents. Documents which you need to submit with us depend on your nature ofbusines relation with us i.e. as an advertiser or user or viewer. Types of document required are as follows:

1. In case of you wish to do business with individually you need to submit your personal identification proof. This may include copy of your passport, PAN Card or Voter’s ID card.

2. In case if you wish to do business with as an organization or company you need to submit your company documents like registration copy. And in case of partnership firm even partnership deed is required with personal identification proof of all the partners.

While providing us with the required information you are in agreement with to display your e-mail ID on site which will help viewers to contact you electronically.

Accessing the data:

You are authorized to make changes or corrections in your personal data or contact information provided on site for our viewers. You are even allowed to access or modify your personal data available with company only with prior approval from the company. This may be chargeable service as per laws governed.

Withholding your personal information:

We withhold your company details in our records until you request the company to delete the same. As far as displaying of your data on site is concern you can anytime change, modify or delete your personal information through website. In case you need any assistance or if you have any query regarding modifying or erasing your information feel free to contact us at any point of time, we assure you with very satisfied customer support team to help you.

We take complete care and try to resist our site from hackers or any other unauthorized access or access which is not permitted but we do not give any assurance for the same.