Frequently Asked Questions:
While working on demandb.com new users or even regular members might also get some queries which are being sent to us and we publish Frequently Asked Questions on website for the benefit of other users. In case of any query or clarification required, any registered or new member can check this section of FAQs.
Q)  What demandb.com is all about?
demandb.com is a classified ads portal where members will be able to post their advertisements completely free of cost. It is a medium, through which users will be able to search for resources, can buy or sell utilities, make people aware about their shortly launching products, look for a job or employer can search for a required talent pool, publicize about events, your business growth and many more things. All such things can be done very effectively and easily on demandb.com and that to completely free of cost.
Q )  Is posting an Ad on demandb.com is chargeable service?
No, posting an ad on demandb.com is not chargeable and completely free of cost. You can click here to register free.
Q )   Why should I register or what is in for me to register on demandb.com?
demandb.com is a free classified ads portal where you can post your ad. It’s a platform on which you can share business opportunities, search for available manpower, let people know about your idea of buying or selling your products like car, house or any other property, or you can even use this as a social forum to connect your self with community where in people interested in your deal, proposal or idea can easily find you and contact you. This will lead to a healthy environment for you to grow and eventually will lead to community growth.
Q )  After posting an ad, can I edit the same or not?
Yes, after posting an ad you can edit the same at any point of time. You can modify the same by logging into your account with your username and password from www.demandb.com
Q )   Will I be able to search for a particular section or ad. I want to or I have to go through all the ads. And how do I do that?
our ad will be featured for the entire life of the ad (30 days). Please note, though, that ads have the greatest likelihood of showing up in the featured slots and the Community Ads section when they are first posted.
Q )  How can I reply or contact to the ad. In which I am interested?
You can click on the ad. You would like to respond and can fill up the required details with your message you would like to convey to the person who has posted the ad and click on submit. Person on other hand will get your reply and will contact you or do the needful for further proceedings of communication with you.
Q )  What is the procedure to post an ad?
Posting an ad on demandb.com is very simple. Just follow below mention procedure and it will be very easy for you.
  • Click on “Post Free ad.”
  • You can select your post type and category for which you would like to register.
  • Enter post details like detail description, images, preview and your contact information for viewer’s convenience, understanding and comfort ability to reach you.
  • After posting desired information you can preview the same and submit it.
  • You may even edit or modify the ad even after posting
Q )  How do I renew my postings?
There is an e-mail communication from demandb.com to all our members before 3 to 7 days prior to expiration of your ad and in the same e-mail there will be a link sent to you for renewal of the ad.
Q )  How do I know weather my ad is posted on site or not?
As soon as we receive any communication from your side your ad will be made live under related category, sub category or location. Our team may contact you in case they need any clarification or if they have any query. After your ad goes live you will be intimated about it and provided with unique ID on which you can login through your password and check your ad. You are suggested to save this information for your future reference. Anytime in future as well you have to check or modify the ad you can go through the same ID and password.
You can even directly go to www.demandb.com and make a general search putting the criteria matching to your ad and check weather you are able to view your ad or not. In case of any query or assistance required you may even contact our team. We will be more then happy to assist you.
Q )  How do I draft ad online?
You can go on “Post Free ad” and fill in the required criteria. After which you can even send an e-mail to demandb.com. We will make your ad live as soon as we receive information or intimation from your end.
Q )  Do we get any guidelines to post an ad which will help us to post it more effectively?
There are few guidelines which will make your posting effective and easier for audience to understand. Guidelines which need to be followed while posting an ad are as follows:
  • Using improper, abusive or offensive language is not permitted in your posts.
  • Sexually abusive language is not allowed to use.
  • Harassing, abusive or threatening content should not be used in the content.
  • Information provided in your ad must be completely correct and should not be misleading.
  • Any sentence or word in your post should not carry dual meaning.
  • Any illegal matter or language which is politically not correct should not be use.
  • Materials having copyrights are prohibited in any posting.
  • Duplicate ads or postings should be avoided.
Q )  How do I contact demandb.com if my query is not listed under this section?
In case you have any other query or your query is not listed under FAQ section, don’t hesitate to write us on info@demandb.com we assure to give you satisfactory reply in minimum turn around time. Your suggestions are of immense value to us. So, feel free to reach us anytime we will be glad to serve you with the best.