About Us

In today’s world online medium is treated as most powerful medium and it is spreading across everywhere because of its main features like faster and easier access to any information needed from basic necessity to shopping and from business expansion to family holidays or world tour. Even more importantly it is beneficial to both, to consumer as well as service provider. As it helps service provider to spread their message or information in most easy and effective way and at the same time for consumer each and every required information is available easily which is authenticated as well.

demandb.com is introduced with the intention of servicing community in building and developing their own dreams. We serve in every filed to achieve healthy growth of the community. Our main goal to develop and launch such a portal is to bring people together and live happy healthy life. Today demandb.com is most powerful search engine to search for apartment, buy or sell second hand vehicle, publicize about their business, know about each other, about your own city, state and country better and simplest way to come together.

Our classified advertisements are understandable even by mediocre people, as we target to each and every person for the fulfillment of most of their needs. demandb.com is one Stop Shop for all your basic needs.

demandb.com has brought radical change in classified industry with our process of presenting the same to people. For each and every user it is most simple to prioritize the information as per his her need or demand. We have designed and developed this site as per people’s needs and requirements.

demandb.com is not just a classified site or portal for consumers, but a platform to co-ordinate and co-operate with each other for better and healthier life it is a place where people can get and share information, expand business, recruit people, and advertise about their business or service, and many more things. There is no end to our services.

We have designed this site not only for business development but for community development as every division of demandb.com symbolizes a part of community which makes people more comfortable to search information on this site.

We work as a link between our advertisers and community people. We help our advertisers to present their information or available product or services to the community in most powerful way for quick response and same way we help our consumers to get the required information in most healthy and effective manner.

demandb.com is very user friendly with easier and understandable layout and crystal clear meaning of the information provided to make it more effective to our users. Apart from this we constantly keep on developing and improving our site as per our advertisers and user’s response.

In case of any further query or suggestion we would be glad to assist you, kindly reach us through Contact Us